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Elder Needs Assessments

The Old Colony Planning Council Area Agency on Aging (OCPC-AAA) is responsible for administering Older Americans Act (OAA) funding in Greater Plymouth County. As part of this responsibility, we seek to maintain an ongoing understanding of the needs and issues facing older people from throughout the region. We accomplish this in various ways, including maintaining an understanding of existing elder service agency experiences and demands, the type of requests for information and assistance that different information and referral sources receive, the mandates and requirements of the OAA, and most importantly, the views, perspectives and needs of elders from the region. One method of gathering information directly from older people is to conduct periodic needs assessment surveys in the region. This report provides information on findings from our most recent needs assessment survey project. The information provided in this preliminary report will be used in conjunction with other information to help establish the Area Plan Priorities for the OCPC-AAA.