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Bicycle and Pedestrian

Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity and Safety Study •  Resources for Cyclists and Pedestrians

At the Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) we are working to help the Commonwealth meet its goal to be a leader in both environmental and economic sustainable transportation. As part of those sustainability objectives, OCPC, as does the Commonwealth, believes bicycle transportation and infrastructure is one of the tools that can help the Commonwealth realize these goals. OCPC is committed to the goals set forth by the Commonwealth and is working with our regional partners to improve bicycle transportation in the Old Colony region. OCPC believes walking to be one of the most efficient and economical forms of transportation, and is working with our regional partners to help improve the pedestrian environment in the region. OCPC is helping communities and organizations improve walking conditions in their neighborhoods by identifying where gaps exist in our pedestrian network and where infrastructure should be improved or brought into a good state of repair.

Current Bicycle and Pedestrian ProjectsBicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity and Safety Study

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Bicycle and Pedestrian ResourcesBicycle and Pedestrian Resources