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Comprehensive Planning

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Center Square, BridgewaterOld Colony Planning Council's Comprehensive Planning attempts to encompass a complete vision of a community's future needs.

Master Plans

Old Colony Planning Council has assisted in the development of Master Plans for several of our communities. A Master Plan lays out the vision that a community has for itself, as a means to direct future policy decisions regarding development and preservation. It is an opportunity for a community to assess how it has developed in the past, and how that development may continue. Whether the people of a community desire to develop business in the town center, residential, commercial or industrial development, or preserve the present character of the town, an outline of these objectives and a path to realize them can be created with a Town Master Plan.

Priority Preservation Areas

Open Space Plans

Southeastern Massachusetts is home to many valuable natural resources. The abundant wetlands, streams, meadows and forests of our region have coexisted with human development for nearly four centuries. The challenge of many communities is determining the proper balance between developing commercial, civic, and industrial assets while preserving the natural beauty and resources of the area. Suburban sprawl and large retail developments can threaten the ecological character of a town. An Open Space Plan allows a community to define the balance, choosing which areas are important to preserve.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Regional Planning is the Council's underlying mission acknowledged in the Future Land Use Plan 2000. OCPC staff are preparing a regional Strategic Planning Framework "to examine needs and set the stage for more comprehensive regional planning." In this regard, the proposed Comprehensive Land Use Reform & Partnership Act provides for regional planning agencies to certify that local master plans or partnership plans are consistent with state land use objectives and that any implementation is also consistent.