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Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan

BAT's Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan, together with Old Colony Planning Council

The Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT) with the help of the Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) developed a Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan (CRTP). The purpose of this assessment was to provide BAT with a Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan that is outlined and described in Section 63 of H3535. The CRTP provides a detailed examination of the BAT fixed route service and BAT paratransit service, and recommends alternatives for improvement to meet evolving needs and demands, in consultation with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, local employers, business associations, labor organizations and transit authority riders. Specifically the goals of the CRTP are to:

The CRTP examines each of BAT's bus routes individually, as well as the overall network of service, to optimize their function and cost effectiveness. Specifically, the CRTP looks at a number of different elements that will be examined to see how the BAT system might look like in the future. These elements are:

Some elements of the CRTP listed are studied in further detail. Those elements are:

For more information on the CRTP, please contact the project manager Paul Chenard by email or at 508-583-1833 Ext: 209