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Data Collection Program

Traffic CountingOld Colony Planning Council is actively involved in traffic data collection. This data is used by planners and engineers to study existing road and highway conditions in order to forecast future increases in traffic and identify areas in need of improvement. In addition to monitoring key corridors and intersections within the region, OCPC responds to requests for traffic counts from the state, city and town officials. From these data collection activities, OCPC produces the Annual Traffic Volume Report, containing data from 1965 until the present.

Data is collected in a variety of ways. OCPC utilizes Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATRs) to conduct counts of traffic volume for a predetermined length of time. Turning Movement Counts (TMCs) are used to determine traffic movements through intersections. Travel Time Studies calculate the length of time it takes to traverse a state numbered route at peak travel times in the morning and evening. Commuter rail parking lots and park-and-ride facilities are inventoried to determine utilization rates, and the number of passengers boarding and disembarking commuter rail trains is counted.

The data from some of these collection activities, as well as reports and analysis, are available through our Resources page.

In addition, the data is uploaded to the MassDOT Transportation Data Management System and is available at this link: View available data online as an interactive map

There are some instructions to help navigate the web site:

On the left side (near middle of the screen scroll bar) of the dashboard click on "auto-locate OFF" to "auto-locate ON".

There are two ways to find traffic count locations.