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November 2016 Council Meeting

Old Colony Planning Council

The five hundred and thirty first meeting of the Old Colony Planning Council was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at the Council offices located at 70 School Street, Brockton, MA.

OCPC Delegates/Alternates Present 
Frank StaffierAvon
David KleinAbington
Sandra WrightBridgewater
Richard O'FlahertyEast Bridgewater
Jeanmarie JoyceEaston
Peter MatchakHanover
Robert OverholtzerHanson
Lee HartmannPlymouth
Robert KuverStoughton
Forrest LindwallStoughton
Eldon F. MoreiraWest Bridgewater
Fred GilmettiWhitman
Others Present
Pasquale CiaramellaOCPC
Bruce HughesOCPC
Ray GuarinoOCPC
Communities Not Represented 
  1. Call to Order, 7:00 PM
    Council President Frank Staffier called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
  2. Roll Call of Members
    Council Secretary Fred Gilmetti read the roll call.
  3. Minutes of October 26, 2016 Meeting
    Council President Staffier asked if there were any additions or corrections to the meeting minutes as prepared. Mr. Lee Hartmann moved to accept the minutes as prepared, seconded by Mr. Eldon Moreira. So voted.
  4. Financial Report for October 2016
    Council Executive Director Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella presented the October 2016 Financial Report. After discussion, Mr. Eldon Moreira moved to accept the October 2016 financial report as prepared, seconded by Mr. Richard O’Flaherty. So voted.
  5. Staff Reports: Economic Development: Mr. Ciaramella said that staff has been working with the Town of Plymouth on a possible US EDA grant. We hosted the November 7th CEDS Meeting with speaker Alexandra SV Barker, Data Dissemination Specialist & Media Relations, U.S. Census Bureau. She did a workshop ON THE MAP, about Census data. The next CEDS meeting is scheduled for January 9, 2017 at noontime. Area Agency on Aging (AAA): Staff is continuing work on the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and the Ombudsman Programs for FFY 2016. OCPC recently received the annual designation for the Ombudsman Program. AAA is also working on compiling the needs assessment surveys. To date we receive over eight hundred surveys. Transportation: We completed the Route 28 Traffic Study and are working on: Route 3A Traffic Study in Duxbury; Route 123 Traffic Study in Brockton and Abington; Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Study; refinement of the BAT Comprehensive Regional Transit Plan; Traffic Counting Program; and the South Coast Rail Technical Assistance Projects. Staff continues to provide Technical Assistance to our member communities and are working on numerous projects. Staff also hosted the November 2016 JTC meeting. Comprehensive Planning: Staff continues to work on 2016 Local District Technical Assistance (DLTA) Projects and Community Compacts. There are approximately twelve 2016 DLTA projects that the staff is working on including: Creating a Business Association, conducting market analysis, housing production plans, municipal aggregation, and regional purchasing. Community Septic Management: Staff is continuing with the septic loan program. Communities included in this program are Avon, Cohasset, Hanson, Kingston and Stoughton. A list of Upcoming Meetings/Events for November/December 2016 and January 2017 was included in the meeting packet.
  6. Regional Clearinghouse Reviews
    Industrial Revenue Bonds: None
    Environmental Notifications (information only):
    i. Plymouth–EEA #15386 Water Street Promenade Project: This notice of project change focuses on the northern section of the project and includes modifications that are consistent with and improve upon the Town’s original goal of improving pedestrian accommodations along the waterfront while addressing deteriorating infrastructure and effects of climate change, particularly sea level rise and storm surge. Project particulars include:
    • Segment A: extending the proposed seawall to meet the existing DCR seawall, improved pedestrian access, a cantilevered viewing deck, and revisions to the proposed underlying seawalls.
    • Segment C: modifications to the proposed embankment design, including adjustment to the riprap slope and elimination of a proposed seawall formally envisioned at the top of the reconfigured riprap slope and raising the elevation of the proposed boardwalk adjacent to the riprap.
    • Segment F: addition of approximately 200 feet of waterfront improvements at the Town Wharf, including the extension of the promenade with an expanded sidewalk system, tree plantings, modifications to existing parking and storm water and a proposed concrete seawall.
  7. Old Business
    1. Report and Update on the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) Program: Mr. Ciaramella said the following projects are being worked on. Abington: Help create a business organization in town. City of Brockton: Prepare GIS shapefiles for existing zoning districts and data files for properties within those districts. East Bridgewater: Conduct market analysis for East Bridgewater Center. Halifax: Update Housing Production Plan. Plymouth: Provide assistance to Entergy Taskforce. Plympton: Assistance in working with Towns of Carver, Halifax and Kingston to explore regionalization, share services, and collective purchasing opportunities. Stoughton: Create a list of available commercial and industrial properties, land for sale or lease, and create a business property site finder to be accessible on the town’s website. Whitman: Assist with a 40R Zoning Overlay District. Regional: Municipal Aggregation and Regional Office Supplies Purchasing. Community Compact - City of Brockton, Campello Neighborhood Visioning Project. These projects are being completed. In the next week or so, OCPC will begin to solicit projects for 2017 DLTA Program depending on the availability of funding.
  8. New Business
    1. Presentation – Avon And Brockton Route 28 Corridor Study: Mr. Raymond Guarino, OCPC Senior Transportation Planner presented. This study was completed in cooperation with the City of Brockton and the Town of Avon. It focuses on the Route 28 corridor from the Randolph town line through Avon and Brockton to the West Bridgewater town line (approximately 1.6 miles in Avon and 5.3 miles in Brockton). The purpose of the study was to develop traffic and safety improvements (short and long-term projects to reduce delays and improve safety) for all road users (passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, bicyclists and walkers) and plan improvements for future economic growth. Eight Public Outreach and Stakeholder Meetings were held for this project. Mr. Guarino also discussed the Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study in his presentation. This study will focus on the Route 123 corridor from the Brockton downtown to the Abington/Rockland town line. It will cover approximately six miles of Route 123. The purpose is to study traffic in depth and develop short and long-term solutions to enhance traffic circulation, reduce congestion, and improve safety. The study will consider the Complete Streets approach, which includes designing and retro-fitting streets for all users including transit customers and operators, walkers, and bicyclists. Ms. Sandra Wright asked if the needs of the handicapped are addressed in these studies. Mr. Guarino said they are. Mr. Richard O’Flaherty said the Brockton Police should enforce the jaywalking law. He also said street lighting in the City outside of the well-lit downtown area needs to be improved.
    2. Review And Consideration Of The Recommendations Of The Personnel Committee Concerning Staff Salaries: OCPC Personnel Committee Chair Mr. Eldon Moreira presented the recommendations of the Personnel Committee concerning staff salaries for 2017. In the interest of confidentiality, and staff cohesion, the Personnel Committee has recommended not distributing salary forms and to keep the total overall salary budget increase limited to 2.98%. After discussion, Mr. David Klein moved to approve the recommendations of the Personnel Committee, seconded by Mr. Lee Hartmann. So voted. One abstention.
    3. Review And Consideration Of Old Colony Planning Council Resolution Number # 222 Honoring Ms. Jane Linhares For Twenty Years Of Service To The Council: Mr. Ciaramella informed the Council that Jane Linhares retired from OCPC on November 30, 2016 after 20 plus years of service. Ms. Linhares served OCPC in various positions over the years most recently as Grants Monitor/Secretary. She has been a tremendous asset to the Old Colony Planning Council. After a brief discussion, Mr. Eldon Moreira moved to approve OCPC Resolution #222, seconded by Mr. Robert Overholtzer. So voted.
  9. Community Concerns: There were none.
  10. Other Business:
    1. OCPC 50th Anniversary Subcommittee: Mr. Ciaramella said the committee met in November. They discussed commemorative items that will be prepared and speakers for the celebration dinner including Kyle Corkum of Union Point and a national speaker. The location of the dinner will be the 1620 Hotel in Plymouth. Past OCPC Delegates and Alternates and former employees will be invited to attend. The Council will seek to employ a college intern to create a video of the history of OCPC for this event.
    2. MassWorks Grants: Mr. Ciaramella said the Town of Avon was awarded a MassWorks Grant for $965,000 to reconstruct West Main Street in Avon. The City of Brockton was awarded a MassWorks Grant for $10 million for downtown parking improvements.
    3. OCPC Regional Operation and Management (ROM) Inc. Financial Report: Included in the meeting packet was an OCPC ROM financial report from July 2016 to November 2016. Information only, no Council action required.
    4. Notification of suspension of December, 2016 OCPC Council Meeting: Council President Staffier said due to the Christmas holiday there will be no December, 2016 Council Meeting.
  11. Visitors Comments/Questions: There were none.
  12. Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Fred Gilmetti, Secretary
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