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April 2018 Council Meeting

Old Colony Planning Council

The five hundred and forty-sixth meeting of the Old Colony Planning Council was held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at the Council offices located at 70 School Street, Brockton, MA.

OCPC Delegates/Alternates Present 
David KleinAbington
Frank StaffierAvon
Sandra WrightBridgewater
Robert Moran Jr.Brockton
Robert DowneyKingston
Christine JoyPlympton
Forrest LindwallStoughton Alternate
Eldon F. MoreiraWest Bridgewater
Daniel SalvucciWhitman Alternate
Others Present
Pasquale CiaramellaOCPC
Raymond GuarinoOCPC
Bruce HughesOCPC
Laurie MuncyOCPC
Communities Not Represented 
East Bridgewater 
  1. Call to Order, 7:00 PM
    Council President Mr. Frank Staffier called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
  2. Roll Call of Members
    Treasurer Christine Joy read the roll call. Council President welcomed Mr. Robert Downey, the new Delegate from the Town of Kingston. Mr. Downey serves as the Kingston Town Planner.
  3. Minutes of April 25, 2018 Meeting
    Council President Staffier asked if there were any additions or corrections to the meeting minutes as prepared. Mr. Robert Moran, Jr. Moved to accept the minutes as prepared, seconded by Ms. Sandra Wright. So voted. Mr. Salvucci, Mr. Downey and Ms. Joy abstained.
  4. Financial Report for April and May 2018
    Council Executive Director Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella presented the April 2018 Financial Report. After discussion, Ms. Christine Joy moved to accept the April 2018 financial report as prepared, seconded by Ms. Sandra Wright. So voted. Mr. Ciaramella presented the May 2018 Financial Report. After discussion, Ms. Christine Joy moved to accept the May 2018 financial report as prepared, seconded by Mr. Robert Moran, Jr. So voted.
  5. Staff ReportEconomic Development: Mr. Ciaramella said staff is working on the EDA work plan. A CEDS Committee meeting was held on June 4, 2018. The draft 2018 CEDS report has been completed. It has been reviewed and approved by CEDS Committee members. It will be submitted to US EDA. Staff is working with the City of Brockton and the Town of Plymouth on possible public works projects for US EDA funding. The next CEDS Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 10, 2018 at noon. Area Agency on Aging: Staff is continuing work on the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and the Ombudsman Programs for FFY 2018. Staff has filed a FTA 5310 application seeking for $30,000 from MassDOT to help fund volunteer transportation. Transportation: Staff is working on the Route 106 Traffic Study in West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Plympton and Kingston; Route 53 Corridor Study in Hanover, Pembroke, Duxbury and Kingston; technical studies for BAT; and OCPC’s 2018 Traffic Counting Program. Staff continues to provide Technical Assistance to our member communities and is working on numerous projects. Staff hosted the May MPO meeting and the May and June JTC meetings. There will be an MPO meeting in July and JTC and MPO meetings in August. Comprehensive Planning: Staff is working on 10 DLTA projects in 2018. Community Septic Management: Staff is continuing with the septic loan program. Communities in this program are Avon, Cohasset, Hanson, Kingston and Stoughton.
    A list of Upcoming Meetings/Events for June, July and August 2018 was included in the meeting packet.
  6. Regional Clearinghouse Reviews
    Industrial Revenue Bond (Information Only):
    Environmental Notifications (information only):
    Council Economic Development/Community Planner Bruce Hughes presented on the following environmental notifications: 1. EEA #15846 – Chestnut Street/North Quincy Street Intersection Improvements (Abington and Brockton) (ENF): MassDOT, in conjunction with the Town of Abington and the City of Brockton (Abington and Brockton) propose to reconstruct the intersection of Chestnut and Boundary Avenue (east and west of intersection, respectively) and North Quincy Street (north and south of intersection) as a roundabout instead of the existing two-way stop. The intersection has been the site of many vehicle accidents, with a crash rate three (3) times the MassDOT District 5 average and multiple recent facilities. The purpose of the project is to improve safety and pedestrian crossings at the intersection while providing multi-modal transportation infrastructure that serves pedestrian, bicyclists and motorists.
    The intersection will be reconstructed as a roundabout with a center island, requiring roadway widening to accommodate the expansion of the intersection and the construction of new sidewalks. The limits of work on North Quincy Street are from approximately 300 ft. south of the intersection to approximately 300 ft. north of the intersection, and the limits of work on Boundary Avenue are from approximately 300 ft. west of the intersection and Chestnut Street from approximately 450 ft. east of the intersection. The total length of the project is approximately 1,350 ft.
    2. EEA#15850-Dune Restoration between Crossovers 1 and 2 at Duxbury Beach (Duxbury) (ENF): The Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., with advice from with the Woods Hole Group, proposes to design, permit and construct a dune re-nourishment and restoration project between the first and second crossovers on Duxbury Beach. The proposed restoration area, approximately 3,600 feet long, is one of the narrowest sections of Duxbury Beach, which is undergoing increased erosion. This area experienced numerous wash-overs during the January and March 2018 severe winter storms that caused extensive damage to the dune structure and adjacent dirt access roadway. Based on wave modeling and sediment transport studies performed by Woods Hole Group as part of their 2016 "Coastal Process Study and Resiliency Recommendations for Duxbury Beach and Bay" report funded under a previous CZM Coastal Resilience Grant, this area experiences increased wave energy during both normal conditions and storm events. The proposed project will provide erosion control, buffer storm surge and protect critical habitat for wildlife.
    3. EEA#15854-Previte’s Marketplace Retail Development (Hanover) (ENF): Previte's Hanover, LLC (the "Proponent"), proposes the construction of a mixed-use development of up to approximately 25,290 square feet (SF), consisting of a new Previte's Marketplace and general retail space (the "Project") on an approximately 3.45-acre site located on Columbia Road (Route 53/139) and Broadway in Hanover, Massachusetts (the "Site”, or "Project Site"). The Project Site defined herein is located on an approximately 3.45-acre Site. The Project includes the construction of an approximately 25,290 square foot (SF) building consisting of a Previte's Marketplace, with a 111-seat restaurant, and general retail space. The Proponent proposes to retain and incorporate the most significant structure of the Sylvester Company lumberyard, the two-story portion of the wooden commercial/industrial structure, and proposes to feature the commercial/industrial structure as the signature focal point of the proposed development, in consultation with the Hanover Historical Commission. The Project will include construction of a new stormwater management system, new landscaping, and 170 new surface vehicle parking spaces. Access to the Site will be provided by three driveways; one full access driveway and one right-in/right-out driveway along Columbia Road and one full access driveway along Broadway.
    4. EEA#14346-South Coast Rail Project (FSEIR): The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT) has submitted the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (FSEIR) for Phase 1 of the South Coast Rail Project. MassDOT is proceeding with design and permitting of the Stoughton Straight Electric Alternative, (the "Full Build Project") already reviewed under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA), while also proposing to adopt a phased approach to provide service to the South Coast region beginning more than eight years earlier than would otherwise be possible with the Full Build Project alone. In accordance with the Certificate on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (DSEIR) issued by the Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs on March 23, 2018, the FSEIR includes a Response to Comments and updated Draft Section 61 Findings.
    Phase 1 of South Coast Rail will provide commuter rail service by extending service from the Middleborough/Lakeville Line to New Bedford, Fall River, and Taunton using existing active freight rail corridors. As proposed for the Full Build Project, and analyzed in the South Coast Rail FEIS/FEIR, service will be provided on the Southern Triangle, which connects Fall River and New Bedford to Cotley Junction in Taunton. The new primary element to be included in Phase 1 is the use of the existing Middleborough Secondary freight line to connect Taunton to the Middleborough Main Line.
    5. EEA#44959-Lakeshore Center (Bridgewater) (NPC): Claremont Lakeside Bridgewater, LLC is proposing a material change in project scope. The changes consists of an assisted living residential complex (40,000 sf. and 244 parking spaces), an apartment complex (300 units and 540 parking spaces), a 5-story office building (20,000 sf. and 405 parking spaces), two retail buildings (65,500 sf. total and 507 parking spaces), and a warehouse (92,000 sf. and 330 parking spaces) at 1 Lakeshore Center in Bridgewater. This scope expansion would complete a full buildout of the subject parcel that has been the subject of several past MEPA filings for a hotel, office buildings, and industrial uses.
    The proposed apartment complex will consist of two buildings (one 200-unit building, and one 100-unit building) and will be classified under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B. The units will include an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center. The proposed 5-story buildings will consist of a mix of studio, one, two, and three bedroom units. The parking will include 540 parking spaces outside and 60 spaces provided in garages.
    The expansion is expected to result in approximately 2,888 new daily trips (1,444 entering and 1,444 exiting). Vehicles are primarily expected to travel to and from Route 24 to access the site.
    In order to offset the increase in vehicle trips associated with the proposed project, minor improvements are proposed at select locations. At Lakeshore Center Drive, the northbound approach to the intersection with Pleasant Street (Route 104) would be restriped as two lanes, one left-turn lane, and one right-turn lane. At the Route 24 Southbound Ramps, minor signal timing adjustments are proposed to be implemented.
  7. Old Business
    1. PRESENTATION Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) – Route 106 Corridor Study. Mr. Raymond Guarino, OCPC Senior Transportation Planner reported that the Route 106 Corridor Study was included in the Old Colony UPWP to identify, quantify, study in depth, the Route 106 corridor in West Bridgewater (partially from Route 28 east), East Bridgewater, Halifax, Plympton, and Kingston. The study area is approximately 16 miles. The results of the study will be used to develop short-term and long-term projects. The study focuses on:
      • Traffic volumes, average daily traffic (24-hour), speeds, heavy vehicle volumes, and peak hour intersection turning movement volumes and intersection congestion.
      • Peak Hour level-of-service at key intersections (delay measurement, LOS A to F).
      • Number and types of crashes and crash rates.
      • The conditions of the built environment including pavement, sidewalks, markings, signage and traffic control devices.
      • Transit operations.
      • Bicycle and pedestrian safety and accommodations (and access to transit).
      • Truck operations and constraints (turning radii, height and weight restrictions).
      • Changing land use and zoning and the potential impacts of land use and zoning on traffic and transportation.
      • The consideration of the impact of transportation on public health.
      • The study’s final report will be completed in September 2018.
      Questions and comments can be directed to the project link on the OCPC web page or OCPC Senior Transportation Planner Raymond Guarino.
  8. New Business
    1. REVIEW AND CONSIDERATION OF OLD COLONY PLANNING COUNCIL RESOLUTION NUMBER 227 ADOPTING A REVISED OPERATING BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2018. Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella, OCPC Executive Director informed the Council of the details of OCPC Resolution Number 227. Included in the meeting packet was a handout listing these recommendations. After discussion, Mr. Eldon Moreira moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Robert Moran Jr. So voted.
    2. REVIEW AND CONSIDERATION OF OLD COLONY PLANNING COUNCIL RESOLUTION NUMBER 228 ADOPTING AN OPERATING BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2019 Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella, OCPC Executive Director informed the Council of the details of OCPC Resolution Number 228. Included in the meeting packet was a handout listing these recommendations. After discussion, Mr. Robert Moran Jr. moved to approve, seconded by Mr. Eldon Moreira. So voted.
    3. REPORT AND UPDATE ON THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS STATE BOARD OF RETIREMENT REGARDING REIMBURSMENTS FOR THE UNFUNDED PORTION OF PENSIONS PAID TO OCPC PRESENT AND FUTURE RETIREES. Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella, OCPC Executive Director presenting said negotiations to resolve this matter are still on going. OCPC and other Regional Planning Agencies involved in this matter hope to work to resolve it, with the state appointed commission, in a way that it will minimize the financial impacts on the Regional Planning Agencies. Mr. Ciaramella also informed the Council that OCPC received the 2017 bill from the State Retirement Board. Mr. Ciaramella stated that he would keep the Council informed of any changes/ progress.
  9. Community Concerns:
    1. TOWN OF AVON TRAFFIC CONCERN: Council President Staffier asked OCPC Transportation staff to look into having some left turn phases added to the signalized intersection of West Main Street/East/West Main Street.
    2. TOWN OF PLYMPTON TRAFFIC CONCERN: Ms. Christine Joy asked OCPC Transportation staff to do an overall community traffic study for the Town of Plympton.
    3. ROUTE 18 IN ABINGTON RECONSTRUCTION: Abington Delegate Mr. David Klein asked if OCPC is monitoring the reconstruction. Mr. Ciaramella said OCPC transportation staff does monitor progress of this reconstruction. Mr. Hughes gave Mr. Klein a copy of the latest MassDOT fact sheet regarding reconstruction progress.
  10. Other Business:
    1. CONTRACT WITH TOWN OF PLYMOUTH TO ASSIST IN PREPARING US EDA APPLICATION: Mr. Ciaramella said the Town of Plymouth wishes to have OCPC assist them in preparing a grant application to US EDA. As part of their contract requirement, Mr. Ciaramella needs the Council authorization to sign the contract with the Town of Plymouth. Ms. Christine Joy moved to approve that request, seconded by Mr. David Klein. So voted.
    2. SUSPENSION OF JULY 2018 OCPC COUNCIL MEETING: After discussion Ms. Christine Joy moved that the Council not have a July 2018 meeting, seconded by Mr. Robert Moran Jr. So voted.
  11. Visitors Comments/Questions: There were none.
  12. Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Fred Gilmetti, Secretary
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