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September 2018 Council Meeting

Old Colony Planning Council

The five hundred and fiftieth meeting of the Old Colony Planning Council was held on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at the Council offices located at 70 School Street, Brockton, MA.

OCPC Delegates/Alternates Present 
David KleinAbington
Frank StaffierAvon
Sandra WrightBridgewater
Robert Moran Jr.Brockton
Jeanmarie JoyceEaston
Laura Fitzgerald-KemmettHanson
Lee HartmannPlymouth
Forrest LindwallStoughton
Eldon F. MoreiraWest Bridgewater
Fred GilmettiWhitman
Daniel SalvucciWhitman Alternate
Others Present
Patrick HamiltonOCPC
Bruce HughesOCPC
Charles KilmerOCPC
Laurie MuncyOCPC
Lisa SullivanOCPC
Communities Not Represented 
East Bridgewater 
  1. Call to Order
    Council President Mr. Frank Staffier called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
  2. Roll Call of Members
    Council Secretary Fred Gilmetti read the roll call. Council President Staffer asked for a moment of silence in memory of Mrs. Antonia Ciaramella who passed away on September 23, 2018. Mrs. Ciaramella is the mother of OCPC Executive Director Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella, who was absent tonight. Mr. David Klein moved that staff be allowed to take time to attend Mrs. Ciaramella’s calling hours and funeral on Friday, September 28, 2018. Calling hours will be from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM followed by the funeral service at 11:00 AM, seconded by Mr. Eldon Moreira. So voted.
  3. Minutes of August 29, 2018 Meeting
    Council President Staffier asked if there were any additions or corrections to the meeting minutes as prepared. Mr. Eldon Moreira moved to accept the minutes as prepared, seconded by Mr. Lee Hartmann.
  4. Financial Report for August 2018
    In the absence of Council Executive Director Mr. Pasquale Ciaramella, Council Assistant Executive Director Mr. Charles Kilmer presented the August, 2018 Financial Report. After discussion, Mr. Robert Moran Jr. moved to accept the August 2018 financial report as prepared, seconded by Ms. Sandra Wright. So voted.
  5. Staff Report:
    Economic Development: Mr. Kilmer said staff is working on the EDA work plan. The 2018 CEDS report has been completed. It has been submitted to US EDA. Staff is working with the City of Brockton and the Town of Plymouth on possible public works projects for US EDA funding. The next CEDS Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 5, 2018 at noon. Area Agency on Aging: Staff is continuing work on the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and the Ombudsman Programs for FFY 2018. Staff has filed a FTA 5310 application asking for $30,000 from MassDOT to help fund volunteer transportation. Transportation: Staff are working on: Route 106 Traffic Study in West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Plympton and Kingston, technical studies for BAT, and OCPC’s 2018 Traffic Counting Program. Staff continues to provide Technical Assistance to our member communities and is working on numerous projects and road safety audits. Staff hosted the September MPO and JTC meetings. Comprehensive Planning: Staff is working on 10 DLTA projects in 2018 and the major update to the Regional Policy Plan. Community Septic Management: Staff is continuing with the septic loan program. Communities in this program are Avon, Cohasset, Hanson, Kingston and Stoughton. A list of Upcoming Meetings/Events for September, October and November 2018 was included in the meeting packet.
  6. Regional Clearinghouse Reviews
    Industrial Revenue Bond (Information Only):
    Environmental Notifications (information only):
    Council Economic Development/Community Planner Bruce Hughes presented on the following environmental notifications:
    i. EEA # 4959 - Lakeshore Center (Bridgewater) (SEIR) - Claremont Lakeside Bridgewater, LLC is proposing a material change in project scope, which consists of an assisted living residential complex (40,000 sf. and 244 parking spaces), an apartment complex (300 units and 540 parking spaces), a 5-story office building (20,000 sf. and 405 parking spaces), two retail buildings (65,500 sf. total and 507 parking spaces), and a warehouse (92,000 sf. and 330 parking spaces) at 1 Lakeshore Center in Bridgewater. This scope expansion would complete a full buildout of the subject parcel that has been the subject of several past MEPA filings for a hotel, office buildings, and industrial uses.
    The proposed apartment complex will consist of two buildings (one 200-unit building, and one 100-unit building) and will be classified under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B. The units will include an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center. The proposed 5-story buildings will consist of a mix of studio, one, two, and three bedroom units. The parking will include 540 parking spaces outside and 60 spaces provided in garages.
    The expansion is expected to result in approximately 2,888 new daily trips (1,444 entering and 1,444 exiting). Vehicles are primarily expected to travel to and from Route 24 to access the site. In order to offset the increase in vehicle trips associated with the proposed project, minor improvements are proposed at select locations. At Lakeshore Center Drive, the northbound approach to the intersection with Pleasant Street (Route 104) would be restriped as two lanes, one left-turn lane, and one right-turn lane. At the Route 24 Southbound Ramps, minor signal timing adjustments are proposed to be implemented.
    ii. EEA # 15902 - Elm Street Dam Removal (Kingston) (ENF) - The Jones River, located in Kingston, is a low gradient river typical of many of the coastal systems in southeastern Massachusetts. The river is the largest drainage to Cape Cod Bay. Like many New England rivers, the Jones River has been altered by the placement of numerous in¬ stream structures including water intakes, roadway crossings, and dams. Further, the stream's hydrology has been altered through water diversions into and out of the river to support historic mill operations, drinking water supplies, and cranberry production. This has negatively impacted aquatic habitat, including fish migration in the river.
    The Elm Street Dam (Massachusetts Dam ID. No. 7-12-145-05, National Dam ID. No. MA00395) is located at the head-of-tide on the Jones River. The dam is classified in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (OCR) Office of Dam Safety (ODS) regulations as a "Small" Size, "Significant" (Class II) Hazard Potential Structure. Based on the most recent required Phase I survey (2015) the dam is in "Fair" condition (Amory Engineers, 2015).
    The present spillway and associated structures were built in 1920 by the Town of Kingston to drive a mechanical pump, to provide lift to the town's water supply. This use of the dam was discontinued in the 1950s when the town developed new wells, and a more complex delivery pumped by the electrical grid. Since the 1950s, the dam has served no municipal purpose. The Town of Kingston (dam owner) currently uses the old mill/pump house for the offices of the town's Water Department. The former mill buildings on the other side of the river are privately owned and are used as a function hall and office space.
  7. Old Business
    Ms. Laurie Muncy, OCPC Principal Comprehensive Planner presented on progress to date on each of the following projects.
    • East Bridgewater/Hanson: Regional Shared Services
    • Hanson: Chapter 40R Smart Growth Zoning
    • Pembroke: Align Land Use Regulations especially zoning, with Housing Development, Economic Development, Master Plan Use Policy or other plans for future growth
    • Plymouth: Mitigation Planning for Cedarville Village Enterprise District
    • Plympton: Town Center Site Plan Development
    • Plympton: Assistance with the creation and adoption of Comprehensive Permit Regulations
    • Stoughton: Route 138 Corridor Streetscape Design/Concept Plan
    • West Bridgewater: Assistance with Tier 1 and Tier 2 submissions for the MassDOT Complete Streets Program
    • Regional: Municipal Aggregation
    • Regional: Entergy Working Group
    • 2018 Non-DLTA Funding Projects
    Non-DLTA Projects
    • Green Communities twelve of the seventeen OCPC Communities have been designated Green Communities. These twelve communities have been the recipients of $6,673.102.00 from DOER since 2010
    • Municipal Energy Technical Assistance (META) Grants
    A handout in the meeting packet discussed progress to date on each of these projects.
  8. New Business
    1. Presentation - Tax Program Available for Seniors in Massachusetts Mr. David P. Klein, Director, Carlisle Council on Aging/Abington Council Delegate presented. The following points were covered: Context: Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity among older adults, Standard Massachusetts Senior Property Tax Exemptions, Massachusetts Senior Circuit Breaker Credit, Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Abatement Program, Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off, Massachusetts Property Tax Deferral, On the Horizon – Initiatives and Advocacy including Means Testing Senior Exemptions. Included in the program handout was information on the MA “Circuit Breaker” Income Tax Credit for Homeowners and Renters Age 65 and Older and “Property Tax Deferral: A Proposal to Help Massachusetts Seniors by Alicia H. Munnell, Anek Belbase, Wenlianh Hou, and Abigail Walters. Also included in the meeting packet was “Living below the Line: Economic Insecurity and Older Americans Insecurity in the State 2016 by Jan E. Mutchler, Yang Li and Ping Xu. This document included Table 3a Elder Economic Insecurity Rates, Poverty Rates, and Percentage in The Gap by State, 2016 (Singles).
    2. Presentation - Pembroke Housing Production Plan (HPP): Ms. Lisa Sullivan, OCPC Senior Planner presented. The following points were covered: What is a Housing Production Plan? Our Region’s Housing Production Plans, status, Our Region’s SHI Status as of 9/14/17, Value of a Housing Production Plan, Why should a community have an approved HPP, and How does the HPP get approved. Ms. Sullivan discussed the Town of Pembroke’s Housing Production Plan, highlights from OCPC Presentations to the Pembroke Town Boards: What’s in Pembroke’s HPP, Pembroke’s HPP Regional Context, Pembroke’s HPP-Local Context, Strategies for Future Housing Development, A More In Depth Look At Inclusionary Zoning, Why Utilize Inclusionary Zoning, Major Components of Inclusionary Zoning including Key Elements and Possible Cost Off-Sets, Could a Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Help You Achieve Your Housing Goals? Powers that may be granted to the Trust and What Funding Sources Can the Trust Use. Additional resources included links to resources on Housing Production Plans, Inclusionary Zoning and Municipal Affordable Housing Trusts.
    3. FFY 2019 AAA Area Plan Update & Summary of FFY 2019 Title III Funded Programs: Mr. Patrick Hamilton, OCPC AAA Administrator presented.
      Mr. Hamilton discussed List of agencies funded under FFY Title III Grant Funding through the OCPC AAA and the 2019 Area Plan Update, which includes:
      • Form 1, AAA Corporate Board of Directors, FFY 2019,
      • Form 2, AAA Advisory Council Members, FFY 2019,
      • Form 3, Focal Points, FFY 2019,
      • Form 4a, Title III-B Funded Services, FFY 2019, Programs Funded in whole or in Part by Title III-5,
      • Form 4b, Title III C, D, E, and OMB Funded Services FFY 2019 Programs Funded in Whole or in Part by Title III,
      • Form 5, Title III Family Caregiver Services Breakout, Projected Budget Plan, FFY 2019, October, 2018 through September 30, 2019, AAA Assurances and Affirmation.
    4. Council President Staffier signed this document as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.
  9. Community Concerns: There were none.
  10. Other Business:
    1. List of Upcoming Council Events for September, October, and November: Mr. Hughes said included on this list are the Metro South Chamber of Commerce Legislative Reception on Wednesday, October 3 and the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast on Friday, October 5. Delegates and Alternates who are interested in attending these events are asked to contact Mr. Ciaramella or Mr. Kilmer as soon as possible.
    2. Fall 2018 Citizen Planner Training Collaborative (CPTC) Classes at OCPC: Mr. Hughes noted that OCPC will host a CPTC class Planning with Community Support on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 7:00 PM and Reading a Subdivision Plan on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM. Council Delegates and Alternates interested in attending these classes were asked to contact Mr. Hughes as soon as possible.
    3. October Council Meeting will be held on October 31, 2018 at 6:00 PM: Mr. Hughes reminded Council Delegates and Alternates that our October 31, 2018 meeting will be held one hour earlier than usual. It will begin at 6:00 PM instead of 7:00 PM. It will be followed at 7:00 PM by the October CPTC class to be held here at OCPC.
  11. Visitors Comments/Questions: There were none.
  12. Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Fred Gilmetti, Secretary
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