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September 2016 JTC Meeting

Meeting Minutes of the Old Colony Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) at
Old Colony Planning Council
70 School Street
Brockton, MA
September 8, 2016 at 12:00 P.M.

AbingtonBruce Hughes
BrocktonShane O’Brien
East BridgewaterRichard O'Flaherty
EastonDavid Field
HansonDonald Howard
PlymouthSid Kashi
WhitmanDan Salvucci
BATGlenn A. Geiler
MassDOT District 5Tim Kochan
Safe Routes to SchoolMoss Lynch
CDM SmithDan Murphy
Howard Stein HudsonDavid Matton
McMahon AssociatesPhilip Viveiros
OCPCShawn Bailey
OCPCJimmy Pereira
OCPCEric Arbeene
OCPCBill McNulty
OCPCCharles Kilmer
OCPCKyle Mowatt
OCPCRay Guarino
OCPCJim Watson
  1. Call to Order and Introductions
    Vice Chairperson Sid Kashi called the meeting to order at 12:10 P.M. and then read the Meeting Accessibility Statement. Those present then introduced themselves.
  2. Public Comments
    There were no public comments.
  3. Minutes of the July 14, 2016 Meeting
    Vice Chairperson Kashi asked if the members had reviewed the minutes of the July 14, 2016 Meeting. The members then unanimously endorsed the minutes of the July 14, 2016 Old Colony JTC Meeting.
  4. Communications
    Shawn Bailey reviewed the contents of the communications staff report. Included were letters of correspondence, as well as notices of workshops and conferences.
  5. Reports
    1. Brockton Area Regional Transit Authority (BAT)
      No Report.
    2. Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
      No Report.
    3. South Coast Rail Project
      Charles Kilmer stated that this fall, MassDOT will hold a series of meetings to update the public on the status of all elements of the project, and to discuss the next steps. The MassDOT and MBTA invite all member of the public with an interest in this project to join us as we seek public comments and answer your questions. The Public meetings all begin at 6:30 p.m. and are scheduled as follows:
      • New Bedford – Wednesday, September 7th, Greater New Bedford Vocational High School Auditorium, 1121 Ashley Boulevard
      • Taunton – Monday, September 12th, Bristol Community College, 2 Galleria Mall Drive
      • Fall River – Wednesday, September 14th, Bristol Community College, 777 Elsbree Street, Building G, Commonwealth College Center, Faculty Lounge
      • Easton – Thursday, September 15th, Middle School Auditorium, 98 Columbus Avenue
      • Canton – Monday, September 19th, High School Auditorium, 900 Washington Street
      • Middleborough – Thursday, September 22nd, High School Auditorium, 71 East Grove Street
      Charles Kilmer stated that though the Stoughton Line was selected previously as the preferred alternative, there is renewed interest in the Middleborough Line to provide service to the South Coast (specifically Taunton, New Bedford and Fall River).
  6. Old Business
    1. FFY 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Implementation
      Charles Kilmer reviewed the project updates within the FFY 2016-2019 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). They are as follows:
      • FFY 2016 PROJECTS:
          • Project advertised for construction bids on 08/06/2016 and bids scheduled to be opened on 10/04/2016.
          • Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E) have been received by MassDOT for final review (as of 05/11/2016). Construction of a separated bike lane on Main Street from Belmont Street to Pleasant/Court Street has been added to the project.
          • Cost Estimate is $4,548,021.
          • Project will not be advertised in FFY 2016
        • PEMBROKE - RECONSTRUCTION ON ROUTE 14, FROM THE HANSON T.L. TO ROUTE 53 (Advance Construction Phase 2 of 2) (604957)
          • Project advertised for construction bids on 09/12/2015 and bids opened on 12/01/2015. Notice to proceed issued on 02/19/2016 to P.A. Landers.
          • Project advertised for construction bids on 06/04/2016 and bids opened on 08/02/2016.
      • FFY 2017 PROJECTS:
          • Design Public Hearing held 08/16/2016.
      Richard O’Flaherty stated that the bike lane being incorporated into the Belmont/ Linwood/ Lorraine Project (606036) should be a part of the Main Street project when it is made into 2 way traffic instead of one way. Discussion followed.
  7. New Business
    1. Project Update: Union Point at the former Naval Air Station
      · David Matton, Principal of Public Infrastructure, Howard Stein Hudson

      David Matton explained how the Union Point Plan is different from the 2007 FEIR.
      Maximize Reuse Potential:
      • Increased development while maintaining 2/3 open space.
      • Commercial uses relocated to Bill Delahunt Parkway, away from existing residential neighborhoods.
      • Additional commercial density and enlarged Town Center District to foster Smart Growth and transit-oriented development principles.
      • Additional residential development to create a vibrant Town Center District.
      Improved Community Benefits:
      • Formerly fragmented grassland now consolidated into contiguous habitat conservation area.
      • Higher quality open space and public amenities such as 50+ miles of bike paths and nature trails, seasonal farmers’ markets, and clean fuel shuttle to South Weymouth Commuter Rail Station.
      • Walkable and bike-able neighborhoods near the Town Center District.
      • Increase revenue for host communities.
      Charles Kilmer asked if there will be a connection to Route 3. David Matton stated that that has yet to be looked at.
      Richard O’Flaherty asked why the golf course came out of the project. David Matton stated that trails and bike paths have more usage throughout the course of the year. Dan Salvucci stated that there are plenty of golf courses in the area, with two in nearby Rockland and one in Abington.
      Bruce Hughes stated that Towns are going to get more tax dollars out of this development.
    2. Route 53 Corridor Study Overview
      Bill McNulty provided an overview of the Route 53 Corridor Study. The geographic scope of the Study covers the entire length of Route 53 in the Old Colony region, from the Norwell Town Line on the northern end to the intersection of Route 53 and Route 3A at the southern end in Kingston. The study will include a complete assessment of existing conditions, including but not necessarily limited to, capacity and efficiency (main line and intersection levels of service) analysis, crash rate and severity analysis, vehicular speed and heavy vehicle traffic analysis, bicycle and pedestrian conditions, transit efficiency, and a public health assessment. Traffic and environmental impacts from any and all known future development along the Route 53 Corridor will be assessed.
      Data collection for this project has begun and will continue throughout the fall. Data analysis and consultation with stakeholders will be conducted during the fall and winter months. The study is expected to be completed with the distribution of a final report by the end of September 2017.
      Dan Salvucci asked if bike lanes are being considered on Route 53. Bill McNulty stated that as part of complete streets we have to consider all modes of travel.
    3. Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study Overview
      Ray Guarino provided an overview of the Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study. The Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study will focus on the Route 123 corridor from the Brockton downtown (Warren Avenue/Belmont Street intersection) to the Abington/Rockland Town Line, and will cover approximately six miles of Route 123. The study process includes documentation of existing conditions (traffic counts, speeds, heavy vehicles, bicycle and pedestrian volumes, existing peak hour levels-of-service analysis, crash experience, transit availability, traffic control, and geometric and physical conditions. Public health assessments and environmental conditions will also be considered in the study, as well as potential future land use development. The study schedule will be as follows:
      • Compilation of previous studies, data collection – Fall 2016
      • Traffic and safety analysis – Winter 2016
      • Meetings with local officials – Winter 2016-2017
      • Public workshops – Spring 2017
      • Development of potential improvements – Summer 2017
      • Draft and final Study – September 2017
    4. FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Project List
      Charles Kilmer summarized the MPO endorsed 2017-2021 TIP Project List. The list is as follows:
      • 2017
        • Brockton - Stormwater Improvements along Route 28 (607860); $101,936; 75% Design
        • Plymouth - Reconstruction of Taylor Avenue, from White Horse Road to Manomet Point Road, includes P-13-010 (605038); $8,829,256; 100% Design
      • 2018
        • Easton - Route 138 @ Union Street Signalization and Geometric Improvements (607438); $1,062,986; 25% Design
        • Pembroke - Route 53 at Pleasant Street Signalization and Geometric Improvements (607337); $1,957,841; 100% Design
        • Plymouth - Improvements on Obery Street, from South Street to A.C. Caranci Way/ Plymouth North H.S. Drive Intersection (606264); $4,810,084; 75% Design
        • Whitman - Traffic Signal Improvements & Related Work on Route 18 at 2 Locations: Auburn Street (Route 14) & Temple Street (Route 27) (607860); $3,058,848; 25% Design
      • 2019
        • Abington/ Brockton - North Quincy Street, Chestnut Street, and Boundary Avenue Signalization and Geometric Improvements (608143); $2,160,432; 25% Design
        • Avon - Intersection Improvements at Harrison Boulevard and Pond Street (608086); $3,888,000; Pre-25% Design
        • Brockton - Corridor Improvements on Route 123 (Belmont Street), from Angus Beaton Drive to West Street (608088); $4,536,000; Pre-25% Design
        • East Bridgewater - Resurfacing and Sidewalk Construction on Bedford Street (Route 18), from Whitman Street (Route 106) to Central Street (607941); $4,276,800; Pre-25% Design
      • 2020
        • Easton - Route 123 (Depot Street) Reconstruction from Newell Circle to Route 138 (607217); $8,182,717; 25% Design
      • 2021
        • Brockton - Intersection Improvements @ Crescent Street (Route 27)/Quincy Street/Massasoit Boulevard (606143); $4,423,938; 25% Design
        • Kingston - Bridge Replacement, K-01-014, Smiths Lane Over Route 3 (Pilgrim Highway)(608615); $12,788,420; Pre-25% Design
        • Stoughton - Corridor Improvements On Route 138 From Lincoln Street To Central Street, Including Intersection Improvements Route 138 (Washington Street) & Central Street(607403); $4,785,000; Pre-25% Design
  8. Other Business and Public Comment
    1. Community Local Technical Assistance Studies
      Bill McNulty reported on the following Community Local Technical Assistance Studies:
      • Bridgewater
        • Traffic Study of intersection of Pleasant Street (Route 104) at Elm Street: Data collected; Draft analysis sent to town for review; Report in development
        • Traffic Study of intersection of Bedford Street (Route 18/28) at Grove Street and Maple Avenue: Data collected and analysis underway
      • Easton
        • Road Safety Audit for Turnpike Street at Purchase Street, and Washington Street (Route 138) at Turnpike Street: Data collected and analysis underway; Road Safety Audit to be scheduled
      • Hanover
        • Traffic Study for Woodland Drive Neighborhood: Data collection scheduled for September 2016
        • Safety and Alternatives Analysis for Mill Street at Hanover Mall / Mill Pond Drive: Report in development
      • Kingston
        • Traffic Study for Kingston Historic District: Data collected; Analysis Underway
      • Plymouth
        • Road Safety Audit for Standish Avenue at Alden Street: Data collected; analysis underway
      • Stoughton
        • Road Safety Audit for Park Street (Route 27) at Sumner Street: RSA Completed; Draft Report distributed for review and comment
      • West Bridgewater
        • Traffic Study of West Center Street (Route 106) and Crescent Street: Data collected; analysis underway
    2. Staff Reviews on ENFs, EIRs, and NPCs
      Eric Arbeene summarized the Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs), Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Notices of Project Changes (NPCs), and Certificates for projects within the OCPC region that are undergoing Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office review.
      New Projects Submitted as of September 8, 2016
      • ENF
        • EEA #15560 – Vernon Street Bedrock Wells - Bridgewater: The Vernon Street Bedrock Wells project involves the development of a new municipal water source to provide the Town of Bridgewater operational flexibility and redundancy so that safe, reliable drinking water continues to be provided to the residents and businesses of Bridgewater.
        • EEA #15561 – Baron Estates – Easton: Baron Estates is a proposed 27-unit subdivision located off of Mill Street in Easton. The project will be located on approximately 15.49 acres, of which 4.40 acres will be impervious. The project is expected to generate 270 new daily trips, consumer 16,800 gallons of water per day and generate 12,320 gallons of wastewater per day.
      • ENF
        • EEA #15530 – Downtown Brockton Urban Revitalization Plan - Brockton: The Downtown Brockton Urban Revitalization Plan proposes a series of public actions to fulfill the City’s vision of being a “lively, walkable multi-cultural center that celebrates the arts, history, innovation, and the Salisbury Brook, capitalizing on its role as a regional governmental, service and transit center.”
        • EEA #15535 – Cochesett Estates – West Bridgewater: The project proponent is proposing to construct an 89-lot residential subdivision on 86.8 acres in an environmentally sensitive area of residentially zoned land in West Bridgewater adjacent to Scotland Street. Homes will feature energy efficient heating systems and appliances, and water saving devices.
        • EEA #15542 – Commerce Way Plaza – Plymouth: The proponent is proposing the construction of a 4-story, 72,000 square foot, 150 room hotel; and three restaurants, each of which will be 1-story and approximately 4,900 square feet. Two of the restaurants will feature drive-through service.
    3. Regional Concerns and Local Community Transportation Issues
      • David Field inquired about the Municipal Modernization Bill and then asked if there will be any guidance from MassDOT or OCPC regarding the speed zones. Tim Kochan stated he will bring that back to MassDOT and return with an answer.
      • Bruce Hughes reminded everyone in attendance about the Citizens Planner Training Collaborative courses this fall.
      • Richard O’Flaherty stated that some coordination would be helpful regarding the construction going on to make the BAT Route changes known to the drivers and riders. Glenn Geiler stated that BAT receives information on road closings and detours at the beginning of the day, but these closings may change throughout the day depending on the project. Discussion followed.
  9. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 1:58 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Kyle Mowatt
    Transportation Planner

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