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June 2017 JTC Meeting

Meeting Minutes of the Old Colony Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) at
Old Colony Planning Council
70 School Street
Brockton, MA
June 1, 2017 at 12:00 P.M.

AbingtonBruce Hughes
AbingtonJohn Stone
BridgewaterRobert B. Wood
BrocktonChike Odunukwe
BrocktonShane O’Brien
East BridgewaterRichard O’Flaherty
EastonDavid Field
HansonDonald H. Howard
HansonLaurie Muncy
PlymouthSid Kashi
WhitmanDan Salvucci
BATGlenn Geiler
CDM SmithDan Murphy
Independence AssociatesBill Shine
Massasoit Community CollegePhil Sheppard
VHBRoss Morrow
OCPCShawn Bailey
OCPCJimmy Pereira
OCPCPat Ciaramella
OCPCBill McNulty
OCPCCharles Kilmer
OCPCRay Guarino
OCPCEric Arbeene
OCPCJames Watson
OCPCKyle Mowatt
  1. Call to Order and Introductions
    Vice Chairperson Sid Kashi called the meeting to order at 12:13 P.M. and then read the Meeting Accessibility and Title VI Statements. Those present then introduced themselves.
  2. Public Comments
    There were no public comments.
  3. Minutes of the May 4, 2017 Meeting
    Vice Chairperson Sid Kashi asked if the members had reviewed the minutes of the May 4, 2017 Meeting. The members then unanimously endorsed the minutes of the May 4, 2017 Old Colony JTC Meeting..
  4. Communications
    Shawn Bailey reviewed the contents of the communications staff report. Included were letters of correspondence, as well as notices of workshops and conferences.
  5. Reports
    1. Brockton Area Regional Transit Authority (BAT)
      Glenn Geiler stated that BAT’s goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation for Federal Fiscal Years 2018-2020 will be 3.1% of funds expended in U.S. Department of Transportation assisted contracts.
      BAT is currently in the process of applying for grants through the Community Transit Grant Program, and thanked OCPC for listing the project needs in the TIP.
    2. Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
      Charles Kilmer stated that there are no GATRA updates at this time.
    3. South Coast Rail Project
      Charles Kilmer stated that the MEPA comment period on the Notice of Project Change (NPC) closed on May 19th. The forthcoming MEPA Certificate on the NPC is expected to outline the information MassDOT must include in a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (DSEIR).
      Charles Kilmer then noted that attached to the staff report is the spring 2017 South Coast Rail newsletter and fact sheet.
  6. Old Business
    1. FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Implementation
      Charles Kilmer provided an update on projects with changes. They are as follows:
      • FFY 2019 Projects
          • MassDOT comments on the 25% Package have been returned to the Design Engineer (as of 05/24/2017).
  7. New Business
    1. Report of Nominating Committee and Election of Old Colony JTC Officers (2017-2018)
      Dan Salvucci, Bob Wood, and Richard O’Flaherty nominated Noreen O’Toole as the Chairperson and Sid Kashi as the Vice Chairperson. Pat Ciaramella made a motion to support the nomination. The motion was seconded.
      The Old Colony JTC voted unanimously to approve the nomination of Noreen O’Toole and Sid Kashi as Old Colony JTC Officers for 2017-2018.
    2. Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study Presentation – Existing Conditions
      Ray Guarino provided a presentation on the Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study. The Abington and Brockton Route 123 Corridor Study focuses on the Route 123 corridor from downtown Brockton to the Abington/ Rockland Town Line, covering approximately six miles. The purpose is to study traffic in-depth and develop short-term and long-term solutions to enhance traffic circulation, reduce congestion, and improve safety. The study will consider the Complete Streets approach, which includes designing and retro-fitting streets for all users including transit users, walkers, and bicyclists.
      Data collection and existing conditions analyses have been completed and the public outreach program is underway to gain input from citizens, community based organizations, the business community, special interest groups, and local officials.
      A number of alternative short-term and long-term improvements will be considered to alleviate specific problems. The final study report will include an implementation program outlining how and when recommendations of the plan will be implemented and identifying potential funding.
      Phil Sheppard stated that Green Street is used by locals to avoid Legion Parkway. Discussion followed.
      Shane O’Brien asked if the survey is still going on. Ray Guarino stated that the survey is still going on.
      Dan Salvucci asked who approves the Complete Streets Policy in a community. Charles Kilmer stated that the Chief Elected Officials have to approve the policy.
    3. Endorsed FFY 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Project Listing
      Charles Kilmer discussed the FFY 2018-2022 TIP Project Listing. The projects are as follows:
      • 2018
        1. Easton - Route 138 @ Union Street Signalization and Geometric Improvements (607438)
          o $2,160,421
        2. Pembroke - Route 53 at Pleasant Street Signalization and Geometric Improvements (607337)
          o $2,264,709
        3. Plymouth - Improvements on Obery Street, from South Street to A.C. Caranci Way/Plymouth North H.S. Drive Intersection (606264)
          o $5,478,745
        4. Whitman - Traffic Signal Improvements & Related Work on Bedford Street (Route 18) at 2 Locations: Auburn Street (Route 14) & Temple Street (Route 27) (607860)
          o $3,994,260
      • 2019
        1. Abington/ Brockton - North Quincy Street, Chestnut Street, and Boundary Avenue Roundabout and Geometric Improvements (608143)
          o $1,208,902
        2. Avon - Intersection Improvements at Harrison Boulevard and Pond Street (608086)
          o $1,907,558
        3. Brockton - Corridor Improvements on Route 123 (Belmont Street), from Angus Beaton Drive to West Street (608088)
          o $4,609,131
        4. East Bridgewater - Resurfacing and Sidewalk Construction on Bedford Street (Route 18), from Whitman Street (Route 106) to Central Street (607941)
          o $5,371,668
      • 2020
        1. Easton - Route 123 (Depot Street) Reconstruction from Newell Circle to Route 138 (607217)
          o $7,890,479
      • 2021
        1. Brockton - Intersection Improvements @ Crescent Street (Route 27)/ Quincy Street/ Massasoit Boulevard (606143)
          o $4,271,388
        2. Kingston - Bridge Replacement, K-01-014, Smiths Lane over Route 3 (Pilgrim Highway) (608615)
          o $11,024,500
        3. Stoughton - Corridor Improvements on Route 138 from Lincoln Street to Central Street, Including Intersection Improvements @ Route 138 & Central Street (607403)
          o $5,040,000
      • 2022
        1. Pembroke - Rehabilitation of Route 36 (Center Street) from Route 27 to Route 14 (600380)
          o $8,039,445
        2. Stoughton - Intersection Improvements and Related Work at Central Street, Canton Street and Tosca Drive
          o $2,668,000
  8. Other Business and Public Comment
    1. Community Local Technical Assistance Studies
      Bill McNulty reported on the following Community Local Technical Assistance Studies:
      • Bridgewater
        • Traffic Study of intersection of Bedford Street (Route 18/28) at Grove Street and Maple Avenue: Road Safety Audit to be schedule for Fall 2017
      • Brockton
        • West Chestnut Street Traffic Study and Road Safety Audit: Data collected, and distributed to City. Road Safety Audit to be scheduled.
      • Duxbury
        • Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Study for Railroad Avenue: Data collection scheduled for June 2017
        • Feasibility Study for Tremont Street Sidewalk/Pedestrian Path: Consultation with town in progress
      • Easton
        • Traffic Study for Turnpike Street at Purchase Street, and Washington Street (Route 138) at Turnpike Street: Data collected and analysis underway
      • Hanover
        • Traffic Study for Woodland Drive Neighborhood: Report in Development
        • Safety and Alternatives Analysis for Mill Street at Hanover Mall / Mill Pond Drive: Report in development
      • Kingston
        • Traffic Study for Kingston Historic District: Data collected; Report in Development
      • Plymouth
        • Turning Movement Counts for 10 Lunns Way Intersections: Data Collection Planned for Summer 2017
        • Clark Road Traffic Study: Data Collection Planned for Summer 2017
    2. Staff Reviews on ENFs, EIRs, and NPCs
      Eric Arbeene summarized the Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs), Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Notices of Project Changes (NPCs), and Certificates for projects within the OCPC region that are undergoing Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office review.
      • New Projects Submitted as of June 1, 2017
        • EEA #15696 - Gray’s Beach Stabilization and Site Improvements – Kingston
          The project proponent proposes to replace the failing retaining stone seawall with a living marsh and sand dune system while re-treating the existing Snack Shack up-gradient in anticipation of future sea level rise.
        • EEA #15701 - Plymouth Beach Cobble Berm – Plymouth
          The project proponent is proposing to rebuild the three existing stone groins and placing nourishment between them. Approximately 44,300 cubic yards of sand-gravel-cobble material is required for the project. The nourishment profile consists of a 57-foot beach berm at an elevation of 14.1 feet. Immediately post-nourishment, the profile is expected to be reshaped by waves and equilibrate to further reduce wave overwash and provide sediment to adjoining shorelines.
      • Project Currently Under Review
        • EEA #14346 - South Coast Rail – Phase 1 Service – Southeastern Massachusetts
          MassDOT is developing a Phase 1 for the South Coast Rail Project that will provide service to New Bedford, Fall River, and Taunton using the existing Middleborough/Lakeville Commuter Rail Line soon than the projected timelines for the final phase of the Stoughton Electric service.
      • Certificates
        • EEA #15663 - Plymouth Municipal Airport Taxiway D and Master Plan Improvements – Plymouth
          The projects to be implemented over the next five years include the extension of Taxiway D by 1,270 feet to the northeast such that it aligns with the 24-end of Runway 6-24; the relocation of Taxiway S 15 feet to the south to meet the 240-foot runway separation criteria for B-II aircraft; the construction of seven new hangers totaling approximately 77,650 square feet; the development of new taxilane and apron space to Taxiway S to serve the future hangers; the extension of Taxiway E by 300 feet to the northeast such that it aligns with the 24-end of Runway 6-24; the re-designation of Runway 24 and Runway 15 stopways to displaced thresholds.
        • EEA #15657 - Irving Oil Gas Station and Convenience Store – Brockton
          The proposed project consists of a 7-pump (dual) gas station with a total of 14 bays and a 4,785 square foot convenience store at the corner of Reynolds Memorial Highway (Route 27) and Pleasant Street in Brockton. Primary access to the development will be via a proposed driveway constructed on Route 27 opposite to the existing Westgate Drive at the existing signalized intersection. Secondary access points include a driveway on Pleasant Street opposite to Fern Street and another driveway from the existing access driveway to the St. Paul Anglican Church.
    3. Regional Concerns and Local Community Transportation Issues
      There were no Regional Concerns or Local Community Transportation Issues.
  9. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM
    Respectfully submitted,
    Kyle Mowatt
    Transportation Planner

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