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August 2017 JTC Meeting

Meeting Minutes of the Old Colony Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) at
Old Colony Planning Council
70 School Street
Brockton, MA
August 3, 2017 at 12:00 P.M.

AbingtonJohn Stone
BrocktonShane O’Brien
BrocktonRob May
BrocktonChike Odunukwe
East BridgewaterJohn Haines
EastonDavid Field
HansonDonald H. Howard
HansonLaurie Muncy
PlymouthSid Kashi
PlymouthSandra Wright
WhitmanDan Salvucci
BATGlenn Geiler
MassDOTDerek Krevat
MassDOT District 5Tim Kochan
Independence AssociatesBill Shine
Massasoit Community CollegePhil Sheppard
OCPCKyle Mowatt
OCPCRay Guarino
OCPCJimmy Pereira
OCPCJim Watson
OCPCAnthony Hebert
OCPCPat Ciaramella
OCPCPaul Chenard
OCPCBill McNulty
OCPCCharles Kilmer
OCPCShawn Bailey
  1. Call to Order and Introductions
    Vice Chairperson Sid Kashi called the meeting to order at 12:05 P.M. and then read the Meeting Accessibility Statement and the Title VI statement. Those present then introduced themselves.
  2. Public Comments
    There were no public comments.
  3. Minutes of the June 1, 2017 Meeting
    Vice Chairperson Sid Kashi asked if the members had reviewed the minutes of the June 1, 2017 Meeting. The members then unanimously endorsed the minutes of the June 1, 2017 Old Colony JTC Meeting.
  4. Communications
    Shawn Bailey reviewed the contents of the communications staff report. Included were letters of correspondence, as well as notices of workshops and conferences.
  5. Reports
    1. Brockton Area Regional Transit Authority (BAT)
      Glenn Geiler stated that BAT is in the process of wrapping up their FY17 and getting ready to ramp up efforts on the Capital Improvement Program for FY 18.
    2. Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
      Paul Chenard stated that GATRA is having some scheduling and coverage issues with service to the southern part of Plymouth due to the size of the community and service area.
      GATRA is looking to work with Uber to provide transportation services during off peak hours to help fill the gap in transportation needs.
    3. South Coast Rail Project
      Paul Chenard provided an update on the South Coast Rail Project.
      In late May 2017, Secretary Matthew Beaton of the EOEEA issued a Certificate on the Notice of Project Change. The NPC Certificate is attached to the staff report.
  6. Old Business
    1. FFY 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Implementation
      Charles Kilmer provided an update on projects with changes. They are as follows:
      • FFY 2017 Projects
          • Plans, Specifications & Estimate (PS&E) received by MassDOT (as of 05/31/2017).
      • FFY 2018 Projects
          • MassDOT comments on the 100% Package have been returned to the Design Engineer (as of 07/27/2017).
          • 100% Package received by MassDOT (as of 07/11/2017).
      Charles Kilmer stated that all the projects in 2018 are in advanced stages of development and readiness, and then thanked the communities and MassDOT for advancing these projects. Dan Salvucci asked when the Whitman Project (607860) will break ground. Charles Kilmer responded with the estimate of Spring 2019.
  7. New Business
    1. Complete Streets - Providing Safe and accessible options for all travel modes
      Paul Chenard provided a presentation on Complete Streets. Complete Streets is a method of designing roadways that provide safe and accessible accommodations for all modes of travel, whether they be walking, bicycling, public transit, and motor vehicles.
      Incorporating Complete Streets into roadway design helps to promote safety, good health, economic viability, and improved quality of life. Implementing Complete Streets can help reduce traffic, encourage greater use of bicycles as a means of transportation, and promote the ridership for public transportation. Complete Streets can also be leveraged to encourage economic growth as it can make commercial corridors more inviting as a result of reduced automobile operating speeds and a greater focus on pedestrian environment and amenities, translating into more patronage at local businesses as more people choose to walk a corridor that has been designed to Complete Streets standards.
      Dan Salvucci questioned the safety of bicyclists that travel with traffic rather than against traffic. Paul Chenard stated that it is much safer for bicyclists to travel with traffic rather than against it.
    2. Old Colony Title VI Annual Report
      Paul Chenard provided a summary on the Old Colony Title VI Annual Report. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin in any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. The federal government requires all recipients of federal assistance and their sub-recipients to annually report their efforts to make sure all people are being made aware of their rights under Title VI and are able to participate in the planning process. The Old Colony Title VI Annual Report demonstrates how the Old Colony Planning Council goes about making sure people are made aware of their rights under Title VI and incorporates disadvantaged populations into the planning process. The report goes on to explain how a person that might believe they have been discriminated in the planning and public participation process can go about filing a complaint with MassDOT and the federal government.
    3. Route 106 Corridor Study (Kingston, Plympton, Halifax, East Bridgewater, and West Bridgewater) - Scope of Work
      Ray Guarino discussed the Route 106 Corridor Study Scope of Work. The purpose of the Route 106 Corridor Study is to identify, quantify, and study in depth the Route 106 Corridor (approximately 16 miles). This corridor study will focus on:
      • Traffic volumes, including average daily traffic (24-hour) and peak hour turning movement data for 32 Route 106 intersections within the study area communities
      • Traffic speeds and heavy vehicle volumes
      • Traffic congestion and delay within the corridor and at key intersections including peak hour levels-of-service at (traffic delay measurement, LOS A to F)
      • Number and types of crashes and crash rates
      • The condition of the built environment including pavement, sidewalks, pavement markings, traffic control devices and signage
      • Transit operations
      • Bicycle and pedestrian safety and accommodations, and access to transit (Complete Streets approach)
      • Truck operations and constraints (turning radii, height and weight restrictions)
      • Changing land use and zoning and the potential impacts of this on traffic and transportation.
      • The consideration of the impact of transportation on public health.
      The study will include a public outreach program utilizing a number of different media to reach the public and stakeholders within the public and private sector. The public outreach program includes public workshops, meetings, and interviews with local and state officials, a public survey, and meetings and interviews with intersected parties including business and social organizations.
  8. Other Business and Public Comment
    1. Community Local Technical Assistance Studies
      Bill McNulty reported on the following Community Local Technical Assistance Studies:
      • Abington
        • Road Safety Audit for Washington Street at Shaw Avenue and Adams Street: Data and analysis distributed to Town; Working with Town on scheduling Audit
      • Bridgewater
        • Traffic Study of intersection of Bedford Street (Route 18/28) at Grove Street and Maple Avenue: Road Safety Audit to be schedule for Fall 2017
      • Brockton
        • West Chestnut Street Traffic Study and Road Safety Audit: Data collected, and distributed to City. Road Safety Audit to be scheduled.
        • Centre Street (Route 123) at Plymouth Street Road Safety Audit: Working with City on scheduling Audit
      • Duxbury
        • Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Study for Railroad Avenue: Data collection scheduled for September 2017
        • Road Safety Audit for 3 Route 3A Corridor Locations: Working with MassDOT and Town on scheduling Audits
      • Easton
        • Traffic Study for Turnpike Street at Purchase Street, and Washington Street (Route 138) at Turnpike Street: Data collected and analysis underway
      • Hanover
        • Traffic Study for Woodland Drive Neighborhood: Report in Development
        • Safety and Alternatives Analysis for Mill Street at Hanover Mall / Mill Pond Drive: Report in development
      • Kingston
        • Traffic Study for Kingston Historic District: Data collected; Report in Development
      • Plymouth
        • Turning Movement Counts for 10 Lunns Way Intersections: Data Collection in progress
        • Clark Road Traffic Study: Data collected; working with Town and Pinehills to schedule Audit
      • Stoughton
        • Island Street and Mill Street HCVE Proposal: Working with Stoughton and Canton on identifying feasible options for alternate truck routes
    2. Staff Reviews on ENFs, EIRs, and NPCs
      Charles Kilmer summarized the Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs), Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Notices of Project Changes (NPCs), and Certificates for projects within the OCPC region that are undergoing Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office review.
      • Project Currently Under Review
        ESPR (Environmental Status and Planning Report)
        • EEA #11202 - MassDOT Snow and Ice Control Program (Statewide)
          The MassDOT DRAFT ESPR describes its statewide Snow and Ice Control Program (SICP) in accordance with the Certificate issues by the Secretary of the Executive office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) on May 27, 2016.
      • Certificates
        • EEA #15696 - Gray’s Beach Stabilization and Site Improvements – Kingston
          The project proponent proposes to replace the failing retaining stone seawall with a living marsh and sand dune system while re-treating the existing Snack Shack up-gradient in anticipation of future sea level rise.
        • EEA #15701 - Plymouth Beach Cobble Berm – Plymouth
          The project proponent is proposing to rebuild the three existing stone groins and placing nourishment between them. Approximately 44,300 cubic yards of sand-gravel-cobble material is required for the project. The nourishment profile consists of a 57-foot beach berm at an elevation of 14.1 feet. Immediately post-nourishment, the profile is expected to be reshaped by waves and equilibrate to further reduce wave overwash and provide sediment to adjoining shorelines.
        • EEA #14346 - South Coast Rail – Phase 1 Service – Southeastern Massachusetts
          MassDOT is developing a Phase 1 for the South Coast Rail Project that will provide service to New Bedford, Fall River, and Taunton using the existing Middleborough/Lakeville Commuter Rail Line soon than the projected timelines for the final phase of the Stoughton Electric service.
        • EEA #15386 - Water Street Promenade Project – Plymouth (Second NPC)
          The primary project change is the elimination of on-site mitigation at Segment C and replacement with off-site mitigation at Plymouth Long Beach. The second NPC also includes a minor increase to wetland mitigation at Segment D and modifications to the height of the seawall in Segment A.
    3. Regional Concerns and Local Community Transportation Issues
      Rob May asked if staff could give an update on the South Station expansion project at the next JTC Meeting.
      Charles Kilmer relayed a concern from Plymouth regarding Route 80 from Carver Road to Commerce Way/ West Elementary School and beyond. There is an absence of sidewalks in that area. There are no pedestrian accommodations for children to walk to school. The Plymouth Planning Board is asking MassDOT to take a look at that area since it is under State jurisdiction. Tim Kochan stated that MassDOT has drafted a response to this concern and Plymouth should be seeing a letter in the mail in the next week. OCPC will be copied in that letter.
      Pat Ciaramella announced that the MassWorks Grant Applications are due tomorrow.
      Phil Sheppard stated that the President of Massasoit Community College, Dr. Charles Wall, will be retiring soon. Phil Sheppard suggested that the JTC send a letter to Dr. Wall in recognition of his service.
  9. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM
    Respectfully submitted,
    Kyle Mowatt
    Transportation Planner

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