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August 2018 JTC Meeting

Meeting Minutes of the Old Colony Joint Transportation Committee (JTC)
Old Colony Planning Council
70 School Street
Brockton, MA
August 2, 2018 at 12:00 P.M.

AbingtonBruce Hughes
AbingtonJohn Stone
BridgewaterElijah Romulus
BrocktonShane O'Brien
BrocktonRob May
EastonGreg Swan
HansonDonald H. Howard
KingstonRob Downey
StoughtonNoreen O'Toole
WhitmanDaniel Salvucci
BATMichael Lambert
MassDOT PlanningDerek Krevat
MassDOT District 5Tim Kochan
Safe Routes to SchoolErin Reed
Massasoit Community CollegeBill Mitchell
McMahon AssociatesAlex Bulhoes
OCPCKyle Mowatt
OCPCLaurie Muncy
OCPCCharles Kilmer
OCPCBill McNulty
OCPCJimmy Pereira
OCPCPat Ciaramella
OCPCShawn Bailey
OCPCRay Guarino
OCPCLisa Sullivan
  1. Call to Order and Introductions
    Chairperson Noreen O’Toole called the meeting to order at 12:03 P.M. and then read the Meeting Accessibility Statement and the Title VI Notice of Protection Statement. Those present then introduced themselves.
  2. Public Comments
    There were no public comments.
  3. Minutes of the June 7, 2018 Meeting
    Chairperson Noreen O’Toole asked if the members had reviewed the minutes of the June 7, 2018 Meeting. The members then voted to endorse the minutes of the June 7, 2018 Old Colony JTC Meeting.
  4. Communications
    Shawn Bailey reviewed the contents of the communications staff report. Included were letters of correspondence, as well as notices of workshops and conferences. They are as follows:
    • Letter to Secretary Matthew Beaton from Pat Ciaramella regarding Chestnut Street/North Quincy Street Intersection Improvements (Abington and Brockton) (ENF)
    • Letter to Secretary Matthew Beaton from Pat Ciaramella regarding South Coast Rail Project (FSEIR)
    • Massachusetts Municipal Association Post regarding EPA Issued MS4 Permit
    • MBTA List of Regional Public Meetings for the Better Bus Project
    • List of Upcoming Listening Sessions for the Commission on the Future of Transportation
    • Flyer for Old Colony Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting
    • MassDOT Highway Division “Notice of a Public Hearing” - Corridor Improvements along Depot Street (Route 123) from Newell Circle to Washington Street (Route 138)Project in Easton
    • GATRA Announcement Regarding Fare Change Proposal and List of Public Hearings
  5. Reports
    1. Brockton Area Regional Transit Authority (BAT)
      Michael Lambert announced that their Customer Appreciation Day is today. Twelve new busses will be on the road on Monday. BAT has received an increase over last year’s funding. The State Budget increase an increase of $6 Million for the 15 RTAs. BAT has reported a less than 2% ridership decline.
      Chairperson O’Toole thanked BAT on behalf of Stoughton for taking care of a transportation problem that a resident in the town had.
    2. Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA)
      Paul Chenard stated that the public hearings for the possible fixed route fare increase have concluded. GATRA is seeking to remedy deficiencies in South Plymouth, and they may be collaborating with UBER to solve this issue.
    3. South Coast Rail Project
      Paul Chenard stated that June 8, 2018 will the final day to submit comments on the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (FSEIR). The MassDOT will be reaching out to Phase 1 communities to discuss schedule and upcoming project activities and next steps.
  6. Old Business
    1. FFY 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Implementation
      Charles Kilmer discussed the changes in the FFY 2018-2022 TIP. They are as follows:
      • FFY 2018 Projects:
        • MassDOT comments on the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) have been returned to the Design Engineer (as of 07/13/2018)
      • FFY 2019 Projects:
        • 75% Package received by MassDOT (as of 07/03/2018)
        • 75% Package received by MassDOT (as of 06/14/2018)
      • FFY 2020 Projects:
        • Design Public Hearing Held 06/12/2018
      • FFY 2021 Projects:
        • Project coordination meeting held at MassDOT District 5 (07/26/2018)
  7. New Business
    1. 2016 Old Colony Regional Transportation Plan Amendment 1
      Charles Kilmer presented and discussed the 2016 Old Colony RTP Amendment 1, and referenced the attached Air Quality Conformity determination prepared by MassDOT and the MPOs. Amendment 1 was necessitated because since the endorsement of the RTP in 2015, new guidance has been released by the FHWA and the FTA regarding transportation conformity requirements.
      The United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued a decision in the South Coast Air Quality Management District v. EPA, which struck down portions of the 2008 Ozone NAAQS SIP Requirements Rule concerning the ozone NAAQS. Because of this new court ruling, Massachusetts is required to perform a transportation conformity determination on the 2016 RTP, and on any new RTP and transportation improvement program (TIP), updates, and amendments that include the addition of a project that is not exempt (also known as a regionally significant project) from transportation conformity.
      Chairperson O’Toole asked if there is a motion to approve the 2016 Old Colony RTP Amendment 1. A motion was made and was seconded. The Old Colony JTC then voted unanimously to approve the 2016 Old Colony RTP Amendment 1.
    2. Draft Old Colony MPO Continuing, Cooperative, and Comprehensive (3C) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
      Charles Kilmer provided an update on the Old Colony MPO Continuing, Cooperative, and Comprehensive (3C) MOU. The existing 2011 Old Colony MPO MOU calls for the periodic review of its contents, and the updating as may be mutually agreeable. As such, a review and update process has commenced and a Draft MOU has been prepared. Following review and comment, the Draft MOU will be revised, and subsequently circulated to chief elected officials, BAT, GATRA, MassDOT, FHWA, FTA, JTC, and the MPO for additional review. Following the second review, a revised Draft MOU will be prepared and presented to the MPO for consideration of endorsement.
    3. Update on Old Colony Title VI Report and Old Colony Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
      Paul Chenard provided an update on the Old Colony Title VI Report and Old Colony Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Elements found in the Title VI Report are as follows:
      • General Reporting Requirements
        • Title VI Assurances
        • Notice of Beneficiaries of Protection Under Title VI
        • Documented Complaint Procedures and Complaint Form
        • Requirement to Record and Report Title VI Investigations, Complaints and Lawsuits
      • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
        • Demographic profile of the MPO planning area
        • Analysis of MPO’s transportation investments that identifies and addresses and disparate impacts
      • Old Colony Limited English Proficiency Plan
  8. Other Business and Public Comment
    1. Community Local Technical Assistance Studies
      Bill McNulty reported on the following Community Local Technical Assistance Studies:
      • Abington
        • Road Safety Audit for Washington Street at Shaw Avenue and Adams Street: Road Safety Audit completed; Draft Report Completed
      • Brockton
        • Pine Street and Thatcher Street Traffic Study: Data collection completed; Road Safety Audit to be scheduled
        • North Cary Street at Ames Street Road Safety Audit: Data collection completed; Road Safety Audit to be scheduled
        • Belmont Street (Route 123) at Pearl Street Road Safety Audit: Road Safety Audit to be scheduled
        • Main Street at Centre Street and Legion Parkway Road Safety Audit: Road Safety Audit to be scheduled
        • North Quincy Street at North Cary Street Road Safety Audit: Data collection planned for September 2018
        • West Chestnut Street at Ash Street Road Safety Audit: Road Safety Audit to be scheduled
      • Duxbury
        • Gurnet Road Traffic Study: Data collected; Report in Development
      • Kingston
        • Traffic Study for Kingston Historic District: Data collection in progress
        • Traffic Study for Smith’s Lane at Crescent Street and Main Street (Route 3A), and Howland Lane Traffic and Speed Analysis: Data collected; Report in Development
      • Pembroke
        • Pembroke Center Traffic Study: Data collection in progress
      • Plymouth
        • Plympton Road (Route 80) / West Elementary School SRTS Traffic Study: Report in development
        • Raymond Road Multiway Stop Warrant Analyses: Data collection in progress
      • Stoughton
        • Traffic counts for Peters Drive and Station Street: Data collection scheduled for Fall 2018
    2. Staff Reviews on ENFs, EIRs, and NPCs
      Charles Kilmer summarized the Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs), Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Notices of Project Changes (NPCs), and Certificates for projects within the OCPC region that are undergoing Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office review.
      • Projects Currently Under review as of July 25, 2018
        • EEA #15870 - Plymouth Light Station Revetment (Plymouth) (ENF)
          The purpose of the currently proposed project is to limit the amount of future erosion along the coastal bank and to protect pre-1978 buildings and structures. The proposed project will include a one-time sand replenishment. This replenishment will consist of placing beach-compatible sediment at the toe of the proposed revetment, in order to mitigate potential loss of sediment supply to the coastal system, because of the proposed armoring of the coastal bank.
        • EEA #15892 - Plymouth Long Beach Cottage Demolition (Plymouth) (ENF)
          The proposed project includes the demolition of the existing single-family cottage, and repurposing the disturbed area, including the footprint of the cottage and existing driveway for public parking. Following demolition of the cottage, the previously disturbed areas on the property, to include the footprint of the cottage and the existing pervious driveway, will be repurposed for public parking.
        • EEA #15883 - Ricketts Pond Business Park (Carver and Plympton) (ENF)
          Ricketts Pond Business Park is proposed as a 4-lot subdivision comprised of mixed-use office/storage buildings as well as self-storage buildings. It is anticipated that the project will be constructed in phases. The first phase will involve the construction of the lot and building located off Spring Street. The following phase will include the construction of the 1,123 ft. roadway and infrastructure. The subsequent phase will conclude the construction of the light industrial buildings.
        • EEA #15639 - North Carver Development (Carver) (EIR)
          The project involves the construction of approximately 1.77 million square feet of new warehouse/distribution facilities with ancillary office uses, provides approximately 1,883 parking spaces, and provides paved access roads. The project site will be accessed from a reconfigured intersection of Montello Street and Route 58 and a new configuration for Montello Street. Facility construction is expected to begin in 2020.
        • EEA #4959 - Lakeshore Center (Bridgewater) (NPC)
          The proposed apartment complex will consist of two buildings and they will be classified under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B. The units will include an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center. The proposed 5-story buildings will consist of a mix of studio, one, two, and three bedroom units. The parking will include 540 parking spaces outside and 60 spaces provided in garages.
      • MEPA Certificates
        • EEA #15854 - Previte’s Marketplace Retail Development (Hanover) (ENF)
          Previte’s Hanover, LLC, proposes the construction of a mixed-use development of up to approximately 25,290 square feet, consisting of a new Previte’s Marketplace and general retail space on an approximately 3.45-acre site located on Columbia Road (Route 53/139) and Broadway in Hanover.
        • EEA #14346 - South Coast Rail Project (FSEIR)
          New project elements associated with Phase 1 include improvements to track infrastructure on the Middleborough Secondary, Southern Triangle construction, a new station constructed in Middleborough at Pilgrim Junction, a new station in East Taunton, and modifications to previously studied stations at Freetown and Fall River. Other elements include the extension of Middleborough diesel service and an anticipated service start in late 2022.
    3. Regional Concerns and Local Community Transportation Issues
      • Dan Salvucci stated that there was another accident at Route 18 and Route 139 in Abington. Going from Abington to Weymouth it goes from 3 lanes down to two. Bruce Hughes stated that this will be fixed during the Route 139 reconstruction.
      • Pat Ciaramella reminded the JTC that the MassWorks Grant Application window is open from July 30 to August 10.
      • The Old Colony Planning Council recognized Sid Kashi for eighteen (18) plus years as a member of the JTC with the presentation of a plaque.
  9. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 12:44 PM
    Respectfully submitted,
    Kyle Mowatt
    Transportation Planner

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